Quick Questions

Tickets to Healing Services
You can obtain tickets to healing services directly through our website. See our Healing Services page for dates, times, location and ticketing details for all upcoming healing services.

Please do not call Dr. Nemeh's medical office for tickets. Tickets are only available here.
Medical Treatment with Dr. Nemeh
Dr. Nemeh has a private medical practice in Westlake, Ohio. Please visit DrNemeh.com or call (440) 892-4300 for more information on making appointments for medical treatment.

Path To Faith has no connection to Dr. Nemeh's medical practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect at a healing service?

Expect a day of prayer. Expect to wait. You will be watching Dr. Nemeh (and sometimes his wife Kathy) pray individually with people. You may experience a number of emotions during the day. You may see many who are ill and family members with their infirmed loved ones. You may see relief in people's faces. And you may feel the Holy Spirit's presence during the prayerful day. Expect a life-changing experience!

Should I inform Dr. Nemeh the reason I am at the healing service?

When Dr. Nemeh approaches you for the prayer, you may share your concerns with him. At times Dr. Nemeh may ask you a question, otherwise; just pray in your heart and let God take over!

Do I need to be of a certain faith to attend a healing service?

Every person is welcome to attend, regardless of religious beliefs. We welcome all people to our healing services.

What if I have special dietary needs or medical conditions?

Please inform one of the ushers before you are seated and we will do our best to accomodate your medical condition(s). Please be prepared with medication, oxygen, and special dietary needs to last the duration of the healing service.

How do I make an appointment for medical treatment with Dr. Nemeh?

Please contact Dr. Nemeh's medical practice by visiting DrNemeh.com or by calling (440) 892-4300. Please note that Path To Faith is not involved in any way with Dr. Nemeh's medical practice.