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Read about the miraculous story of one child's battle with cancer and how he found peace through the prayers of Dr. Nemeh. Dr. Issam Nemeh: Messenger of God, by Sona Bhatnagar, M.D

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    Read more about Dr. Issam Nemeh in the book, Miracles Every Day.

    This inspiring chronicle traces the lives of Dr. Nemeh and his dedicated wife, Kathy, and brings us the uplifting stories of the many people who have been healed through one man's powerful faith.

Our Mission

Path To Faith is an organization dedicated to bringing people close to God by experiencing His love and His power that heals us both physically and spiritually.

We serve the community by offering a variety of healing services open to all people, regardless of personal beliefs.

Blind Faith Live! with Philip Keller

Blind Faith Live - Real People. Real Miracles. Philip combines story telling, inspiration, and wit to help audiences understand that we can live in heaven ... Now! Would you like to have Philip at YOUR next speaking event? Take a look at this video to see how.

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The Barr Sisters Story – Searching for a Miracle

Blind Faith Live has produced a powerful new video that we hope you enjoy and share with others.

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The organ transplant team stood at the hospital room door. They were ready to harvest the organs of Sophia Barr, who had little to no brain activity. Sophia and her sister, Sierra, had barely survived a horrific accident. Sierra, lay in a deep coma. Tina Barr, the mother of the two teenage sisters, needed a miracle. Kathy and Dr. Issam Nemeh began to pray, ... and the impossible happened.

Teens Miracle Story from Fox 8 News

Stefani Schafer of Fox 8 News interviewed the story of teenagers, Sophia and Sierra Barr, the Magnificat High School sisters who were in a horrific car accident on September 10, 2016. The sisters had a miraculous recovery through the prayers of Dr. Issam and Kathy Nemeh. Click here to watch the interview.

Ashely Nemeh - Find Our Way

Listen and watch Ashley Nemeh's video for her inspirational song, "Find Our Way".

Dr. Nemeh Credits Vision from God for His Success

Cleveland's own Fox 8 News had a story about Dr. Nemeh that aired on November 15, 2016. Click here to watch the show.


    You may schedule a Skype session with Dr. Nemeh or Kathy Nemeh. If interested, please contact Kathy.